Soft Selling in the 21st Century by Linda McDonald

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Linda McDonald has extracted the essential gems from her renowned sales training in one pure diamond of a book.

“Soft Selling in the 21st Century” is an easy-to-follow prescription for sure fire sales success, laying out a clear “Blueprint for Sales” that will guide any reader, from beginner to seasoned professional, to foolproof closings.

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Linda McDonald’s new book “Soft Selling in the 21st Century” contains essentials from her renowned sales training seminars and concentrated them all in one book.

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Recent release “Soft Selling in the 21st Century” from Page Publishing author Linda McDonald explores an easy-to-follow prescription for sure-fire sales success.


Linda McDonald, a naturally gifted salesperson who has had a life full of ups and downs, has completed her new book “Soft Selling in the 21st Century”: an intriguing work that covers essential preparation to sell, from goal-setting to eliminating the competition.

According to McDonald, “How does destiny start us on the path that will become our life’s road? What determines or drives our successes or failures? The answer to the first question is a great mystery. But as for the second. We are all formed by our experiences, good and bad, and if we so choose, we can use the many lessons life deals us to feed our success. I did—and so can you!”

Published by Page Publishing, Linda McDonald’s gripping work lays out a clear “Blueprint of Sales” that will guide any reader, from beginner to seasoned professional, to foolproof closings.

Throughout McDonald emphasized the new must for 21st century sales: educating the client and stellar service. However, she teaches there ’s more to selling than learning the techniques. Equally important is for seller to believe in themselves in order to find success.

Readers who wish to experience this riveting book can purchase “Soft Selling in the 21st Century” at bookstores everywhere, or online at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Apple iTunes Store, Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Amazon Kindle, and Nook.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of PIHRA, thank you Linda once again for a very informative and exiting presentation…

Rebecca Gonzalez, Program Chair, Professionals in Human Resources Association, CA

Even though Lanier Worldwide has world class sales training and does 99% of its training internally, Linda, your presentation would benefit every Lanier Worldwide sales representative.                                                                      

Edward Lill, District Manager, Lanier Worldwide Sarasota/Ft Myers, FL

On behalf of NARFE Chapter #478, Linda we thank you for giving us such an outstanding presentation…

Jane Withers, Secretary, National Association of Retired Employees, CA

The information Linda provided in the area of Long Term Care was quite comprehensive, and I have found Linda McDonald to have a great deal of integrity and deep concern for the well being of others….                                                

Rob Franco, Executive Director, Sausalito Chamber of Commerce, CA

The information, insights and observations that you make are right on target. Also, I am highly recommending your book to all students to ensure their future success. 

Priscilla Haflich, Ed.D. , Manatee Technical Institute School Board of Manatee County, FL

Linda McDonald: Forging Solutions with Fortune 500 Companies

Throughout the years of working with Fortune 500 companies, Linda has forged solutions with wonderful results for the unique sales problems companies face daily and the challenges resulting from these situations. Prominent organizations such as AARP, Manor Corporation, National Association of Retired Federal Employees have featured Linda as a guest speaker. Her lectures and training seminars have also been presented to major industry leaders and other top American companies. 

As President and CEO of Great Life Educational Academy, Linda now shares her vision with those who have a desire to be at the top of their industry.

Soft Selling in the 21st Century by Linda McDonald

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