The Shadow of Grief –
Finding Your Way Back

National Lecture Series

This Lecture Series with Linda McDonald, certified grief and crisis intervention counselor, offers guidance and support for all stages and forms of grief.

Loss is a far more encompassing theme in our life. We lose not only through death but by leaving or being left, by changing, letting go, and moving on. We suffer not only from separations of those we love but the loss of our dreams, future goals, sense of safety, desired freedoms or power, and within time the loss of our own younger self.

Linda McDonald experienced tragic losses herself within a short period of time – three of her children, one granddaughter, and her husband of forty-three years. Linda’s life experiences and professional background as a grief counselor drive her unwavering desire to help people find their way back from the shadow of grief.

The Lecture Series Offers Four Workshops

Goal of Workshop #1:

Assessing where we are. Sharing stories. Making a commitment to ourselves to start moving forward.

Goal of Workshop #2:

Understanding what happens when we experience loss. Emotional and physical responses. Stopping second guessing.

Goal of Workshop #3:

Recovering from loss. Accepting there are no shortcuts. Understanding that every grief journey is different.

Goal of Workshop #4:

Gaining new strengths, new perspectives of life, new appreciation, and new values. Finding a new way to approach life.

Additional Tools available to Lecture Participants:

Workbook accompanying the four lectures, a journal, and Teddy’s Sleeping Angel

It seems that our generation is faced more than others with the loss of loved ones to prescription drugs, COVID, cancer, motor vehicle accidents and other illnesses or tragedies.  This lecture series is a wonderful tool libraries, associations, churches and other organizations can offer to support their employees or members.

For more details and availability in your area, please contact Linda McDonald, GC-C, CIC-CSp.

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